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Ore Yeye O!

An important part of Omilani is the phrase, "Ore Yeye O!". The name comes from Oshogbo, Nigeria and it means water. Every year there is a big festival where the people shout out, "Ore Yeye O!" Which has been explained to mean, "goodness" or "kindness".

Omilani makes feel good music and inspirational films grounded in the concept of "Ore Yeye O". The phrase is both a tribute to Omilani's personal connection to Oshogbo and to the energy of love, benevolence, and goodness in the world.

She was named Omilani by her godmother, Omileye Adenle, who held the title of Yeye Osun Agbaye.






Omilani means water and as we see it, there is a fluid sound, creativity, and flow that comes with the Omilani brand of artistic works.

Water is essential and pure, it is spiritual. Omilani's main focus is on NeoSoul World Music, but has flowed into various creative markets since its founding in 2004.

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