ugat filipino

ugat filipino



no matter how fast, a person cannot outrun themself

In her debut Tagalog/Taglish album, Omilani dives deep into the culture, language and essence of her UGAT FILIPINO (Filipino Roots). With the sway of island rhythm and the pulse of hiphop and soul music, Omilani reintroduces herself to the world with the completeness that her AfroFilipina identity brings to the many beautiful colors she has within.

Regarding the inspiration for making this album, she states, "it was as if I heard my ancestors calling me." Omilani's response to the call was a lyrical and melodic journey that coincided with her real life search for her relatives in the Philippines.

This album is fun, inspirational, vivid, and filled with passion and love.

it was as if I heard my


calling to me

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